European Business Awards for the Environment

In October 2016, Madinter has been recognized by the European Comission with the Runner-up Award in International Business Cooperation at the European Business Awards for the Environment ceremony in Tallin, Estonia.

Madinter’s project has been selected among hundreds of candidates from 28 European countries for its social and environmental impact in establishing a responsible Trade ebony supply for the music industry at a global level.


European Business Awards for the Environment (Spanish section)

In September 2016, Madinter was awarded the national European Business Award for the Environment in the International Business Cooperation category. This award, given by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, recognises and awards companies which successfully combine the economic viability of their businesses with protection of the environment, and which do so by introducing eco-innovations into their management, processes, products and services offered, business cooperation or by combining business and biodiversity.

As a winner of the national award, Madinter is now a candidate to the European Union awards, which will be given in late October, 2016.


STTC Award

In February 2015, Madinter was awarded the first STTC award for its work with Sustainable Tropical Timber.

With this award, the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (European STTC) recognized the work of Madinter to increase demand for timber from sustainably managed forests.


Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence

In January 2014, our ebony project in Cameroon received the Award for Corporate Excellence award from the United States Secretary of State. Our partner our partner in the project, Taylor Guitars, was recognized as a leading American company in its activities abroad, contributing to the growth and development of local economies through its social responsibility. John Kerry, United States Secretary of State, presented the award at a ceremony attended by Robert Jackson, US Ambassador in Cameroon, H.E. Joseph B. C. Foe Atangana, Cameroon Ambassador in the United States, Bob Taylor, Taylor Guitars CEO and Vidal de Teresa, Madinter CEO.