Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence

A project in Cameroon, jointly driven by the Spanish company Madinter and Taylor
Guitars, has received the Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence,
granted to lead companies in activities related to social responsibility.


Corporate Award


Madrid, January 30,  2014 –  Every year since 1999, the US Department of State has been granting the Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence. This prestigious award recognizes the commitment of American companies with activities related to social responsibility around the world.

John Kerry, current US Secretary of State, recently presented the award in Washington D.C. to a project developed in Cameroon by Madinter, a Spanish company specialized in the supply of wood for musical instruments, and the American multinational Taylor Guitars, one of the world’s lead guitar manufacturers.
Since 2011, the partnered companies have been developing an exciting project on responsible commerce of ebony, whose main objectives are to provision, obtain, and process this wood by means of environmentally and socially responsible methods, as well as to improve the work conditions of the workers of the area where the factory is located. Furthermore, there is also the collaboration with the Cameroonian government to carry out legal reforms that lean toward transparency and sustainability.
“With this Award, we firmly believe that we can be the drivers of change in issues of Social Responsibility in Cameroon, and contribute to the development of the local economies through a responsible exploitation of the natural resources. We wish to encourage the rest of the industry to join us,” stated Vidal De Teresa Paredes, General Director of Madinter.

De Teresa further states: “It is great news for the protection of forests in Africa that such influential companies like Taylor Guitars position themselves as leaders in the sector. This Award is a firm step toward a more sustainable business, and here in Spain, we are very proud to be part of this business model.”

Information about the ACE
The Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence recognizes the lead American companies in their overseas operations related to social responsibility that contribute to the growth and development of the local economies where they work.
A committee led by the US Department of State chose 12 finalists from a total of 42 candidate American companies presented by the United States embassies from around the globe. Among the finalists in 2013, companies such as Coca Cola, Citibank, Boeing, Esso, or Mars stand out, each one with a project conducive to the growth and development of the local economies with whom they work.
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About Madinter
Founded in 2001, Madinter is a Spanish company based in Cerceda, Madrid, specializing in the supply of wood for the manufacturing of musical instruments. Music is the best reflection of its activity, and violins, guitars, and other string instruments may not have been built without the possibilities provided by the wood varieties that Madinter offers. The value of its products is the result of maximizing the yield in their manufacturing and of the adequate treatment that the wood receives.