What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way we conduct our activity at Madinter. It is characterized by keeping in mind the impacts that all aspects of our activities have on customers, employees, suppliers, local communities, the environment, and society in general. It entails the mandatory compliance with national and international laws, as well as with any other voluntary action that the company undertakes in order to improve the quality of life of its employees, suppliers, or customers.

Environmental policies, sustainable energy and climate change

We have optimized our processes and facilities to use energy in a rational, safe and sustainable manner. In our day to day work, we apply these principles to rationalize our resource consumption and make a correct use of water.


Waste management

We have implemented a waste management system to transform the waste we generate into energy to power our machines and heat our facilities. We have installed a vacuuming system of sawdust and shavings, all the waste is collected in a silo that powers our kiln and our factory heating system.

Solar energy plant

In July 2011, we finished installing a photovoltaic solar energy plant on the roof of our facilities in Colmenar Viejo. It is a system that generates DC electricity, which is then transformed to AC by a power inverter. Once it is transformed, it is injected to the electric network through a counter that registers the available kilowatts. As in other examples of renewable energies, photovoltaic solar energy is inexhaustible, clean, and respectful with the environment. It contributes to the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 in particular, thus helping to comply with the requirements acquired by the Kyoto Protocol and to reduce climate change.

Sustainability, FSC® and Code of Good Practice

We have established a code of good practice aimed at encouraging the purchase of sustainable products, avoiding the import of illegal wood, and increasing the use of FSC-certified products.
  • To fight the illegal extraction of wood in compliance with the governing legislation.
  • To assess the suppliers and verify the supply sources. Commitments are specified by Contract.
  • Since 2008, we have established a chain of custody certification system. The certification is through the FSC, and the company that audits us every year is NepCon.

Additionally, we are committed to the following:

  • Having the exporting country facilitate a legislation that clearly establishes what wood species and amounts are allowed to be extracted from forests.
  • Having the exploiting company establish a forest management plan, and hold a valid concession license as well as a transformation license, in addition to the appropriate production, transport, and export permits.


Our commitment to our customers is based on our product quality, customer service, and assurance of a competitive supply that meets their needs and expectations.

We offer a specialized service throughout the purchasing process of our customers. Even after the purchase, we offer an exceptional post sales service and provide expert legal advice on CITES legislation, Lacey Act, EUTR and other applicable laws in the wood sector. We also advise our clients with any questions that may arise when they export their musical instruments, whether these have been made using our woods or not.

We also want to inform our customers. That is why we provide extensive information about our woods and encourage them to take an interest in the origin of the wood they purchase and the sustainability protocols that have been applied to obtain it.


At Madinter, we care for the integrity of the business relations that the company maintains with its suppliers. Our relationships comply with the corporate regulations , ensuring that we meet all legal requirements in our work with national and international suppliers.

We assess our suppliers and require them to fulfill a contract, presenting proof that the wood has been obtained legally and it meets our environmental requirements. We promote similar principles that inspire Madinter among our suppliers for a responsible behavior toward the natural and social environments. We support them in all actions they undertake to certify their wood, assessing them in certification protocols, such as FSC.


Madinter is made up of people, our employees, who all contribute to our mission with passion and dedicated work. It is essential to us that our employees are engaged in their work, offering their best in all that they do, contributing to our mission, vision and values.

Production, quality control, sales, customer service and all other activities that our company does are carried out by our employees. This is why they are the most important part of Madinter.

We are committed to offering the best to our people. We invest in their professional and personal development, creating a work environment that offers opportunities based on their skills, talent and hard work.

Our commitment toward our employees is based on respect, equality and diversity.

We create the necessary conditions to work in an accident-free environment, with ideal work conditions in terms of safety and health. We require a high safety level in the process, facilities, and services by paying special attention to the protection of our employees, as well as our customers, and the local environment.


Music Fund repairs instruments and sends them to developing countries or those that are in conflict. Music Fund also organizes the creation of repair workshops and the training of future luthiers in these countries in order to ensure a local knowledge for the maintenance of the instruments.

Punto de Luz Women's Association is a local group that works for women's empowerment and personal development. We colaborate with themand donate the materials for their woodworking and crafting workshops.