Madinter is a supplier of wood, tonewood products and other components for guitars and other musical instruments. Our mission is to supply the music manufacturing industry and any person or entity that builds musical instruments.

Madinter was created in 2001. Since then, it has become a leading company in the sector by distributing its products to all 5 continents, having the most reputable guitar brands among its customers. Our offices are in Cerceda, Madrid, from where we deliver our products to more than 40 countries.

Wood is nature’s gift, and as such, we keep the highest standards of responsibility in our management of wood. This involves all areas of our company, from the search and implementation of sustainable forestry practices in our supply chain, to the establishment of sustainability protocols in manufacturing and waste management in our company.

We commit to responsible trade by excluding from our provisions any wood that comes from illegal logging, promoting sustainable forest management, and supporting forest certification as a guarantee for the consumer.

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Madinter is a young, modern, and dynamic company dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality standards, along with a desire for continuous improvement. Our regard to the importance of the raw material encourages us to strive for quality. The value of our products is the result of a maximized efficiency in both the fabrication and adequate treatment of wood. Since our beginning, we have committed ourselves to innovation, internationalization, and the use of clean energies.

Music is the best echo of our activity. We are proud to contribute to filling all the corners of the planet with the music created by instruments that have been built with a product so beautiful and natural as wood.