Vision, Mission, Values


We want to lead the music industry in the defense of a sustainable and responsible forest economy. By maintaining the highest standards of sustainability, legality and responsibility in our wood supplies, we are raising awareness, both in the music industry and in all of society about the existing challenges that some of the wood species we use are facing.

We are committed to offering solutions to these challenges and raising the quality and sustainability standards of different woods at an international scale. Through our work, we want to ensure the future of all wood species that are used in building beautiful musical instruments around the world.


Our Mission is to supply the music industry with woods of the highest standards, both in the quality of the material and in the responsibility and sustainability practices that have been applied to obtain it.

We are a unique and close-knit company of clear international profile prepared to compete globally, with a focus on customer service and a search for excellence in management. Our team is fully committed to our company’s values. With them, we build mutual trust within the company and externally.



Ethical values:

Our ethical values are permanent and essential principles. They are inalienable and fundamental to the company, and they lead all our actions and behaviors.

  • Responsibility: we take on the responsibility to ensure that sustainability policies are applied to all the wood we supply to our customers. In our processes, facilities and services, we pay special attention to safety, the protection of our employees and the environment in which we act.
  • Transparency: we present truthful and verifiable information about our products. We have established traceability protocols that allow our customers to verify the origins of our wood, which comes exclusively from legal sources.

Professional values:

Our professional values are the principles that we apply on our day-to-day work, which allow us to fulfill our commitments to our customers and to our global vision.

  • Leadership: motivation, initiative and teamwork to achieve our goals.
  • Innovation: spirit of continuous improvement an innovation in all our work areas.
  • Excellence: our commitment to excellence is an attitude to offer our best in everything that we do.