Scientific name: Ocotea porosa (syn. Phoebe porosa)

Origin: Southern Brazil

Other names: Brazilian Walnut

Average density: 41lbs/ft3 – 660kg/m3

Uses: Electric guitar tops, turnery

The colour varies from olive to chocolate brown, and the pattern can either be plain or beautifully variegated or figured, with a straight or curly grain, just like with maple.
Some trees grown in exposed locations may produce a burl, a wood highly sought after. Imbuia is a beautiful Brazilian wood which thrives in the southern area of Brazil, especially in the subtropical rain forests, it may also be found in adjacent Argentina and Paraguay. It grows well at a high altitude (2,500 to 4,000 feet) and at their largest, the trees may reach 40 meters in height and 1.8 meters in trunk diameter. It has a pleasant spicy, resinous, cinnamon-like scent when freshly cut, which fades with time. This strong, spicy fragrance is one of its unique characteristics which helps us to recognize the species.
This wood is moderately hard and heavy and is considered easy to dry, work and glue. It takes a high polish and has good dimensional stability when manufactured. Its strength properties are similar to cherry. Imbuia’s heartwood is durable and resistant to insect attacks.