Macassar Ebony

Scientific name: Dyospiros celebica

Origin: Southeast Asia

Other names: Striped Ebony, Ébano Macassar

Average density: 70lbs/ft3 – 1120kg/m3

Uses: Guitar back and sides, bindings, bridges, headplates

Macassar Ebony is a dense wood that has spectacular colours and patterns. It has a dark brown color with longitudinal stripes in yellow, orange or red, unlike African ebony which is characterized by its black color. In some cases the grain is extremely straight, forming regular straight lines. In other cases, the grain can be wavy and interlaced. So named for the Indonesian port-city of Makassar, which is one of the primary points of exportation. Guitars built with this wood, seem to be very responsive to different playing styles, have a strong bass, lower mids and clear and transparent highs.