Malaysian Blackwood

Scientific name: Diospyros ebonasea

Origin: Endemic to Malaysia

Other names: Ébano de Malasia

Average density: 72lbs/ft3 – 1150kg/m3

Uses: Guitar back and sides

The heartwood ranges from a medium brown to nearly black, commonly with black veining and contrasting brown or reddish streaks and can also have a greenish hue. Its sharply demarcated sapwood has a pale yellow to tan color and is typically present on most pieces. The grain is generally straight, with a very fine, even texture and good natural luster. A tonewood of extraordinary beauty for its unique colors and the attractive designs of its grain. It is denser than most Rosewoods, with a sustaining and glassy tap tone similar to African Blackwood. It has become a much favoured tonewood among steel-string guitar builders.