Scientific name: Dialium divaricatum Vahl

Origin: Honduras

Other names: Jutahy

Average density: 60lbs/ft3 – 961kg/m3

Uses: Backs and Sides, Fingerboards

Paleto is a dense wood that has a reddish brown colour, weaving light and dark grain with spectacular patterns. It is a strong wood that darkens to a dark brown with time. These lesser known species arrive at Madinter from the heart of Honduras, thanks to the hard work of a small Honduran cooperative that has reached us through the NGO Copade. The value of these products, that today we can offer to our customers in the music industry, is not only the high quality of the wood itself, but also the sustainable management of the Honduran tropical forest and the hard work of the 180 members of the cooperative. With them, we take one more step towards sustainable forestry practices and fair trade in Honduras and other Central American countries.