Sitka Spruce

Scientific name: Picea sitchensis

Origin: Northwestern North America

Other names: Abeto Sitka

Average density: 27lbs/ft3 – 425kg/m3

Uses: Guitar soundboards

Its color can vary from white to pink to light brown and the pieces that present “Bearclaw” are highly appreciated for their exclusivity. Sitka spruce has been present in the history of American guitar since its early days and today remains as appreciated as then by builders and instrumentalists for its strength and elasticity. It has long been the staple choice for steel-string guitars made in the United States, though a handful of classical builders like it as well. This wood is quite rigid both along and across the grain, but is lightweight as it is a softwood, what is key to rapid transmission of sound. It has a strong fundamental tone with relatively few overtones. This leads to a direct, punchy tone with great headroom.