Raising awareness

Music, the voice our message

The music industry has been our best ally in making our message heard in every corner of the world. Music has a unique power to communicate and move people. It is written in the human DNA. Whether it is rock, pop, folk or opera ... everyone loves music.

The preferential role that we as a society give to musicians and artists has helped our project to gain visibility.

Music is always in the spotlight. On the front pages of newspapers. On television, on radio, in our online searches. We all want to know and share the values of the artists we admire.

Because of this unique trait of our industry, we find ourselves in the best position to make our message heard. We have a privileged opportunity to broadcast our defense of a fair and sustainable forest economy.

Raising awareness among customers, employees and the whole of society

Our work at Crelicam requires an important communication work with customers and employees. We have to change the way of thinking of the music industry, which is demanding totally black ebony at a devalued price, without observing the environmental and social consequences of the established production model.

By telling our story and our experiences in Cameroon, we have created a market for Crelicam’s processed ebony, at a fair price that allows us to maintain an alternative production model, and contribute to the quality of life and development of local communities.

We also need to reach the whole of society, as all people on the planet are consumers of music and agents of local and global change. People’s values and daily decisions have a decisive impact on the markets, pressuring companies around the world to introduce these values in their production models.

The Crelicam project has shown that it is possible to carry out a forestry business in Africa that strives to generate wealth and economic development in the continent. It is essential to us that our model is replicated by all companies that work with tropical woods, as many other tropical species suffer similar situations to ebony’s.