The Benefits of Using Wood

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30 January 2014

The Benefits of Using Wood


Wood has always been a companion of humanity. There is no other material in the planet that offers the same combination of aesthetic, physical, structural, and, of course, acoustic properties. Music is the sound of wood.

Benefits of using wood

Wood is a renewable raw material. Its extraction and processing uses less energy than other raw materials. Moreover, at the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled, and it does not pose an environmental toll. In order to obtain a cubic meter of wood, there is an amount of energy expense in its lumbering and transport. This translates into a 50 kg emission of carbon from the CO2 greenhouse gas effect. If we want to produce one cubic meter of aluminum, the energy expended produces a CO2 emission of 22,000 kg, or 440 times larger.

Wood is a CO2 reservoir, and by using it, we are storing and relocating it instead of releasing it to the atmosphere. Furthermore, if we practice sustainable forest management, the benefits would be enormous because we would not be emitting greenhouse effect gases, and the forests would not be harmed.

Benefits of using wood

It is estimated that 10% of the forest wood may supply the world demand, and only 1 -0.05% is used as wood for musical instruments. This does not absolve us from all responsibilities, but it is a piece of information worth knowing.

Other Interesting Facts. Did you know…?

…that more than half of the extracted wood in the world is used to generate energy?

…that the forest surface of most industrialized countries is increasing? There is less logging than the amount of wood growing.

…that the transformation of wood produces reusable products rather than waste?

…that the use of products from certified wood may never lead to deforestation? It is quite the opposite. A Sustainable Forest Management promotes the conservation of forests and the increase of their area. In fact, the 3rd National Forest Inventory informs that the forest surface in Spain has increased by more than 400,000 hectares in the last 20 years.

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